Adding the Soil to a Terrarium

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Hi, my name is Wes on behalf of Expert and in this video segment I am going to show you how to put the soil inside of your terrarium and create the landscape that you are going to put your plants in. If you want to know more about tropical or carnivorous plants you can visit us at So once we have the soil that we are going to use mixed up we are going to place it inside of the terrarium. Now the depth of the soil is going to be determined by the kind of plants that you have and the kind of root system that they require. We are using tropical picture plants that don’t have a very deep root system so we don’t need to have very thick soil. Probably about an inch to 2 inches deep in most places. Now the other thing you can do at this point is start to really put in your own creativity. You can create many landscapes like hills and valleys. A lot of times it is better to mound the soil up in the back so that you create a depth affect. It is better to have a higher depth in the back so that you can see the plants better. You would not want to have a hill in the front because that would obstruct the view of the plants that are going to be in the back. Once you have all the soil inside of the terrarium you can then start planting your plants.