Extra Transplants for Vegetables

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Growing vegetables and food crops takes extra transplants when taking advantage of small spaces in greenhouses. Learn why multiple transplants can help vegetables from a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food... View Video Transcript

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So not only are we going to grow our vegetable seedlings in potting soil early in the season in our hoop house, but some of these vegetables actually warrant a second transplant. This is, we're going to grow them from seed in a pot, and then, we're going to re-transplant them into a bigger pot. Now you might say that's a lot of labor for a...just a little bitty plant. But the...on our scale, in this back yard, perma-culture style of gardening, this is where we can really get the edge. Without much labor, we can grow mass-production seedlings in very small spaces. And then if the timing is right, timing being everything, we can transfer them to the appropriate size, secondary vessel, in which they can therefore get their root system going. And what we've found is, that when we transplant some of these valuable crops, like the brassicas, and the tomatoes, and the flowers, when we transplant them into the garden at this size, or this size, or even this size or this size, they're too vulnerable. However, when we grow a plant that becomes this tall, with a root system like this, it has so much more chance of succeeding against the various pests and droughts and diseases that they face out there in the garden.