Ideas for Designing Your Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. Hi! Lets talk for a couple of minutes about designing your garden. I think it is one of the things that people over look when they are building there vegetable gardens but it is one of those things that are going to lead to a long term success or a failure if you don't get it right. So what are the things that plants really needs? Well one of the things that they need is light and water. When I laid out my vegetable garden I found the sun is placed in my yard and that is where my vegetable garden went. Now I did it here for a couple of other reasons to we have talked about water this is one of the places in my yard where the surface water tends to feed off. I have even directed some of the down spout from my house to this area because I have a raised bed garden that was a consideration of my design I can take the water move it right in this garden area and it helps keep the garden deep watered. That is always moistened over here even on hot dried summer days. Now the other things that I need to consider is where does the sun rise, where does the sunset, how does the sun move through my garden through the day. Because of that in my garden I started with lower plants over to one side and I work over the higher plants on the other side and that allows the plants to get light continually throughout the day without shading one another out. Another consideration for me cause I have such a small garden was other garden surfaces that I can use and you could see back behind here I have gone vertical in my garden and I grow my beans up that to maximize the little garden space that I do have. With just a little for thought and with just a little bit of concentration you can look and find the right place in your yard for your garden and figure out the plants that you want to grow. Sure I wanted to add 12 tomatoes but looking over my garden I had room for 6. Be realistic when your obsessive your garden and the space that you have in it, play it accordingly and your garden would reward you with great vegetables all summer long.