Tips for Aquatic Gardening

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Craig Morrell and I am with Landscape Restorations in Miami, Florida. We are here at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate in Miami, Florida talking about basic gardening. The title of this video section is aquatic gardening and everybody likes to have aquatic gardens that look good, sound good and they want a diversity and frequently have an aquatic life but people seem to make the same mistake. They install an aquatic garden and they assume it is like a tree or every part of their landscaping that you just set it and you forget it. Quite the opposite with aquatic gardens they are high maintenance. It doesn't mean you have to be a slave but it does mean that you should pay some attention to them at least every week and at the very least every 2 weeks. When you have a high diversity garden especially like this one, you have a lot of different things to maintain. Water plants need to be trimmed, fish need to be fed, ponds need to be cleaned. These are definitely maintenance gardens. The bigger the garden, the less maintenance there is and the less change that will happen. Take a look at a garden like this and you will see what an aquatic garden is all about. On behalf of Expert Village, thanks for watching.