How to Design a Specialty Vegetable Garden

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There are a variety of options when designing a specialty vegetable garden, as an individual can decide between a variety of herbs, edible flowers and other vegetables. Create a vegetable garden that will complement Mexican food with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to design a specialty vegetable garden. Now we all have our favorite types of vegetables and if you love salad, then you can create your own vegetable garden just concentrating on the different types of vegetables that are used for salads. Whether it's lettuce and tomatoes and green onions and some radishes and some cucumbers, those are all great in a salad. And so you can have your own salad garden. And if you want herbs, if you love to use herbs in cooking, you can always mix it up too. You can use edible flowers, little pansies are great with thyme and you can grow pretty much any flowers together. Or you can concentrate on one or two varieties. You can use flowers that have great blooms on them too. So if you have a nice vegetable garden and you can use all types of garlic and cloves and different types of onions and they have great blooms on them too. And if you love Mexican food, why not grow your own Mexican flavored garden using all types of hot peppers and salads and onions and tomatillos, little tomatoes and any other type of different plants that go along with Mexican food. And if you love Asian food, why not have a specialty vegetable garden using bok choy and onions and cilantro and all types of ginger and that way you can create your own Asian dishes with food out of your garden. So there's no end to the possibilities of a specialty garden and especially when you're growing vegetables, I always say concentrate on the vegetables that you enjoy personally because there's nothing more rewarding then creating your own dishes with vegetables from your garden.