Spring Gardening: Strawberries

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Strawberries are a good crop because they bloom throughout the year and give fruit. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with these spring gardening preparation tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Is there anyone who doesn't love strawberries? I haven't met them yet. So we have a plot of tri-stared strawberries in this tree well here. And tri-start interesting because they bloom through out the year and give fruit, although not as much as the June bearing, they give fruit right through the season. So what we're going to do today here is discover what's underneath our mulch, they've been hiding for the winter and I'm seeing some survivors, and some morality but a goodly amount have made it through the winter. And now what we're going to want to do is give then a tonic. Strawberries being a hungry, nitrogen hungry crop and a lover of sweet soil we're going to administer this blend of compost mixed with dolomitic limestone. Then if you were a strawberry you'd probably like it too. And being that the crop doesn't have any fruit yet we can just be pretty blahzay about administering the tonic. And this whole bed will be retaken over by the strawberries within a month because they send out runners and reproduce. And there as simple as that we've rejuvenated our spring strawberries. And don't forget to bring the mulch back over them to cover up that valuable compost.