Spring Gardening: Lime & Asparagus

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Both lime and asparagus require large amounts of compost or fertilizer to grow correctly and healthy. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with these spring gardening preparation tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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The asparagus here hasn't come up yet, so there's still time to give it some fertilizer and lime. We would only use well composted manure at this late date, but we can go along and top dress this purple asparagus patch, pretty liberally with the nice rich compost. The crop residue shows me where the crowns are located and my memory serves me as well. Asparagus is a sweet loving crop, so the lime being the ph amendment of choice. And I'm just going to lay it on the top and as long as I come back here, as long as I come back here later and cover this over with a huge bed of mulch, the asparagus crowns will be able to take full advantage of those nutrients there. And we should see purple asparagus crowns just popping out of the ground I'd say a week after the next rain.