How to Save Garden Seeds

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To save garden seeds, store them in a jar, create a satchel of powered milk in tissue paper, place the satchel in the jar to pull out the moisture, and store the jar in the vary back of the refrigerator. Store garden seeds in a cool, dry place with... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. We're at Willow Tree Nursery in St. Petersburg, Florida. Question, how do you save some seeds? Well you know you always buy a package of seeds and you use some of them and some of them you may not be able to use at one setting. Well if you take those seeds and put them in a hot place, they're probably not going to be viable or have the life force in them next time. One of the things you can do though, let's say you opened up this package of let's say radish seeds, you've all got all jars around the house and kitchen so save those, put the package into the jar and you're probably going to get a little tissue paper and some powdered milk, fresh powdered milk will act as a desiccant, it will help pull the moisture out of the jar. Just make a little satchel or pouch if you will, take a rubber band, put it around it, drop this in with your seeds, secure the jar and I probably put it mark it maybe in the refrigerator, back corner somewhere, especially if you're going into the winter season or the middle of summer and it's just too hot or too, too cold and you want to save those seeds for next time, this will help keep those seed viable. Remember cool, remember dry and seeds can last a long time, often a number of years. For ask, I'm Stan DeFreitas.