Clematis In Your Garden

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I like to talk to you about perennial gardens. Probably one of my favorite garden vines for a lot of people are going to be clematis. I'm not, an exception I've got them right here in the middle of my garden. They help out a great vertical accent to my garden and an awful lot of flower power. This is one of the new crystal varieties here name is Josephine and boy ain't she a beauty? You see that bundle of peddles right here in the middle just keeps opening up and opening up and she is going to be probably in flower for another month here with the flowers opening up further. But we have the yearly spring time clematises that really put on the really big flower show but what happens when these guys go by. Right behind it and you can see from a slightly different foliage here I've got a Viticella type this one is called Polish Spirit. It is a great purple flower and keeping with the purples, pinks and blues that I'm using back here in the garden it is a mid summer type and it is going to put on a show in the mid summer when Josephine here is done. Now if I wanted to get really crazy I could throw in a autumn type clematises as well. Things like Virginsbower, clematis tangutica or sweet autumn clematis, clematis paniculata come in a flower in the fall. So no matter what type of season we are talking about you can find a clematis that is going to be in flower for your garden, give a great vertical accent.