Indoor Organic Gardening

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This is Steve Perry from expert village. Today we will be talking about getting started with our organic gardening indoors. You'll want to make sure you pick out a decent pot to grow your plants in. Along with that you'll want to make sure get a good organic gardening soil something, that's rich in all the different amendments the plant needs to grow. The kelp meals the fishmeals, the worm castings the back guanos, and those things. If you start out with a soil that doesn't have anything in it, or inert as they call it, what you want to make sure is to get a good organic nutrient to add to it. Something like this that has all the different amendments that the soil need or good starter mix, if your starting your plants out, or a good fruit and flower mix if your trying to put fruit and flowers on your plants. There are several things, the main thing you want to make sure that you use your liquid organic nutrient as well as the nutrient that's in the soil. One's a slow release nutrient, and the other one is more taken up by the plants quicker, which would be the liquid nutrient.