How to Fertilize Jasmine Plants

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Jasmine comes in different shapes and sizes, and jasmine that's in the ground doesn't require a lot of fertilizer, while jasmine in a pot needs to be fertilized in the spring. Use a slow-timed release fertilizer on jasmine plants with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to fertilize jasmine. Now jasmine comes in different shapes and sizes and they're one of the most beautiful vining plants that you can have in your garden. And they have a wonderful fragrance, the flowers are just incredible. And there's many different varieties. This is a star jasmine, they have big white flowers and it's a much bushier type plant, looks almost like a camellia. And then I've got the white rose jasmine which is much daintier, it's more like a clematis, much tinier leaves and more vining, kind of a wilder plant that's very easy to grow. And never to forget the winter jasmine and winter jasmines are wonderful because it has little yellow flowers that bloom in the wintertime and they just have an incredible fragrance, they're really an easy plant to grow. There's a few rules of thumb that I like to use when fertilizing my jasmine. If the jasmine are in the ground and you have good composted material there, you really don't need to use a lot of fertilizer because it should be able to get all the nutrition that it needs out of the ground. Whereas if you have it in a pot and you want to get it to bloom all summer through the fall, the best time to fertilize your jasmine is in April or May whenever the freezes are gone and it's starting to warm up and if you live in a warm climate you can fertilize it even earlier then that. And it's best to use a slow timed release fertilizer and those are the types of fertilizer that are pellets, like Osmocote or there's many different brands. And so every time you water it just a little bit of fertilizer gets into the soil so it's not just flushed away at one time, they're just little pellets that just slowly dissolve every time you water them. So the best time to fertilize your jasmine is in April or May with slow release fertilizer and then that way you'll get lots of blooms all through the summer.