How to Improve Water Retention in your Garden

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Learn how to maximize the water absorption in your garden in this free gardening video clip on garden planters, pots and flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson and today on behalf of Expert I am going to do a clip on how to retain water in your potted plants. I know many of us has got up in the morning to go to work in the summer and look outside and see our pots of plants on the porch or whatever and they all look fine. We go to work and come home and they are just laying there limp. They are all shriveled up, lying down on their side, the flower the colorings everything is off and you just go, oh my god, what is wrong with the plants. Well they are starving for water. It has been a hot day, you have not watered them, and they need water to stand up. Well it just so happens that I have found it’s a little water retentive additive for your plants. It comes in a tiny little packet about this size, has directions on the back and how to use it. Inside of this packet are these little granules about the size of sand. They are white, no problem with them and hard. What you do is take these and put them in the dirt as you are planting your plant you mix them right with the dirt and put the plant in the soil in the pot. What happens these tiny little grains of sand when you add water they swell up to this great big size. This is that one little packet, the whole packet and each of those little granules swell up as large as each one is full of water. So what happens is the soil dries, the soil pulls the water from these little packets so it’s like it has an extra drink of water before the end of the day. So when you come home, they are not dying in front of your eyes. They might be a little limp depending if it went up to 90 degrees or not but you have given your plants that little extra boost to make it through a hot day.