Hoop House Farming: Repairing Soil

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Adding nutrients to damaged land can help to loosen up the soil and make it more fertile when it is time to plant. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Let's talk about the raised beds, on how we build, and rebuild and keep them in good shape. In here the raise beds serves an ergonomic purpose of defining where the plants go, and where the people can go. It's also nice and user friendly, so you can do your picking, or tending, or working at a nice back friendly angle. However, the space in the hoop-house is so valuable that we do not have a season to fallow these beds, or to let them rest. So what we do when we get a chance, on the fly we rebuild them, by adding, in this case I'm adding some of that beautiful nutrient rich compost that we just mixed up a little while ago, and in this case since we're going to be growing brassicas and greens and so forth, a little bit of lime, a little bit of dolomitic lime. And this way I can get this bed ready, the worms will help of course, they'll come up once I've got this covered with mulch, they will come up and activate this bed, and this will be ready to plant within day, maybe within hours. Notice how I've left along the edge a row of plant matter, this mustard, and this sweet pea, and this lettuce, and this arugula are serving the valuable purpose of holding the earth in tact. Their roots have knitted downward, and are beginning to create a stable shelf, otherwise we'd get a lot of collapsing underneath.