Types of Hoses for Gardening

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There are a number of garden hoses with different purposes. Learn about gardening with different types of hoses from an award-winning horticulturist in this free home landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I am Stan DeFreitas. Mr. Green Thumb. You know there?s all kind of hoses that you can but in your local nursery garden supply store. Most of them are either going to be kind of rubber of there going to be kind of mixture of vinyl. Make sure that you get a good connector on your hoses cause that?s where it tends to leak and by the way if you do have a leak you can normally buy some repair kits to where you can actually put some new adapters on the end of old hoses. Now if you do get to a point where you hose is well too old and you can't use it anymore you may want to cut it into sections and you can use it when you start to stake plants. You simply run your guide wire through it you attach to around your tree or plant and the hose doesn't cut into your favorite tree. So even when a hose gets past its prime it still has a function that you can use it for. If you?re putting shrubs if you?re putting in trees you probably need to guide them on occasion and a hose could help make that as well. Hoses come in a number of different sizes twenty five foot fifty foot an hundred foot make sure that you get one that you can work with and one that doesn't kink up too easily. For On Gardening I?m Stan DeFreitas. Mr. Green Thumb.