Spacing: Growing Mexican Heather: Home Gardening Tips & Advice

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Learn how far apart to plant the Mexican heather in your garden, with beginner tips & advice in this free home gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Any time you are doing any kind of planting, remember the spacing is very important. Now as you are doing the spacing, you might as well arrange the plants how you want them to go; kind of coordinate them. Today I happen to have the 4 inch size in one gallon containers of Mexican Heathers. Now what I have decided is the 1 gallon is going to go in the center of the flower bed and the 4 inch in are going to go on the side. When you space them, it is good to always separate one plant from another at least 12 inches apart. Also if you get too close to Afrodesia or ____, follow that rule all of the time. Today I am not too concerned about this area right here. Even though I have a rock there, the Mexican Heather grows about 24 inches apart rounded, so they kind of overlap on each other. So this one, the 4 inch I am just going to space it right here with about a 6 inch separation. It's going to be fine. From the 4 inch to the 1 gallon container, I am going to space it 12 inches and of course gallon to gallon, I want a 12 inch separation. Gallon to 4 inches is going to be a 12 inch separation as well. We enjoy our spacing. Keep that in mind. It is very important and this is how we do our spacing for Mexican Heathers.