Proper Drainage for Garden Plants

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Learn tips for how water should properly drain from flower pots, garden planters, pots, flower boxes and containers in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson and I am here on behalf of Expert In this clip I am going to talk about proper drainage for pots. Now clay pots as you know have a hole in them so they drain but they are also porous so you have to water those more which is why you keep a saucer under them to catch the excess. Now if you are going to use plastic pots some of them come with a bottom that detaches. Like this one and it has its own container and this is very nice because it keeps the roots of the plant up out of the water. So roots of the plant when they get in the water can actually drown the plant. So, you don’t want soggy roots because they will rot and clean your poor plant. Plastic does not breather so it is very important in a plastic pot to watch how water you put in. Now if you don’t want to or have a very large pot and you are not sure, you can also put a drainage substance at the bottom such as pea gravel which is just small stones. You can also use pieces of broken clay pot which we all know break rather easily and at the most unfortunate times but that at the bottom will keep your roots out of the water. You want to keep a level base of depending on the size quarter of an inch to an inch at the base of your pot so that the plants roots don’t go down in that water and sit there. They can stay above of the water and they won’t drown.