How to Edge a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to edge a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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When you have a lawn that goes right up next to your garden, what you want to do is have a nice sharp clean edge of your gardening next to your grass. You don't want to have the two just kind of blend in together. Often times in spring as I'm busy in my garden. Sometimes I have my husband, who is very eager to help out, but is really good at doing something like edging because it takes a little bit of strength. What you have to do is get this edge of your shovel and you have to put it down and go inward and take that whole edge basically right out so you have a nice clean edge here on the edge of your garden. Now, I'm just going to move this aside now. If you see that and then you fill this in with your dirt, your lawn, which loves to just creep in, will now be able to go into your garden and you can have your plants right up next to it. Then you can see the nice edge, the nice design. Sometimes I like to have a nice round edge on a garden right up here as oppose to the squares and a rectangular shape garden. With you shovel and the edge here, you can define your garden, put some flowers up near the edge, have some higher flowers and it kind of just makes the whole little corner here loot a little bit neater.