Cold Weather Vegetable Garden Tips

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Many vegetables grow better when planted in the winter. Get tips for planting cold weather vegetables in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello everyone, I'm David Rodriquez, Extension Horticulturist with Texas Agrilife Extension Service. On behalf of Expert Village, we're going to show you some cool season vegetables that you can plant in late winter so you can have some real nice delicious spring harvest. Many people have the question, what do I do since I'm planting a lot of these vegetables late in the winter, if we have them in usually hard or long freeze or cold spell. Well, mulch always works. This is simple hay, alphalfa hay, and there are many forms of mulch that you can use. Mulches, organic mulches, help insulate the soil to hold the moisture as well as levitate the amount of temperature there so it kind of hardens off the root system. If for some reason it gets extremely cold for any long period of time watering is very, very crucial a day or two before an expected hard and long freeze. Water real good, minimize the amount of water on the foliage, and get yourself an old blanket, some winter protection blanket, anything like that just to kind of give it some degrees of protection. But minimize the weight of that particular blanket on top of the plants themselves.