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Pink roses are beautiful flowers to grow in a garden or in a container, or to give as a gift that symbolizes grace, gentility, happiness and young love. Provide pink roses with full sun and lots of water, pruning them down one third in the fall, with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk all about pink roses. What they mean, how to grow them, and just how beautiful they are in our garden. Now pink roses have been around as long as all the other colors of roses. For centuries. And even in the stately English gardens of the 1200s, 1300s, 1400s they had beautiful roses in their gardens. And they are really easy to maintain as long as you give them water and lots of sun. So pink roses are really one of my favorite roses. They are beautiful and they are simple. And they're not as dramatic as a red rose. Because a red rose signifies love, beauty, courage, and respect. Red roses convey a simple message of I Love You. So that makes them the symbol of romantic love. But pink roses are different, they signify grace, gentility, and happiness. They also express appreciation and gratitude. So if you want to say thank you there's no better way than with a pink rose. And they give the rose at the beginning stage of a romance. So if you're just dating someone on a first date, give them a pink rose. Because it means that you're trusting in them, but you don't know them enough to say I Love You yet. And a pink rose is also signifies gentle love, or young love. So it's a beautiful rose to give to someone as a present or to grow in your garden. But when you're growing roses in your garden let's go over a couple steps on how to grow your roses very successfully. Now roses come in all shapes and all forms. And right now it's fall time so it's end of November, they're losing their leaves because it's finally freezing at night. We've had a really warm fall. I've had blooms on them until the end of October. And I've cut them back to 1/3 of their height. So when you're cutting down your roses every year, or you're pruning them in any way, never go down more than 1/3 of the plant. Unless it's really, really lanky you can really start chopping on it. Roses grow really great in containers too. You can leave them in containers and move them around, or you can put them right into the ground. And the trick with roses is full-sun and lots of water. And there's some varieties that are more susceptible to getting the rust spots, or the black spots on them. So when you're looking for roses, or going to a garden center, make sure to get the hardy varieties. The varieties that do really well in your climate. Because then you shouldn't have the problems with any rust. And they are just a beautiful plant to have and whether they are pink, white, yellow, or red roses smell beautiful and they're really easy to grow.