Benefits of Composting

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There are all kind of ways to get the organic matter that is so good for your soil. One of the ways you can get is by buying it. This product right here is cow manure that has organic humus in it, in other words it's a composed product that not only has the fertilizer qualities of the manure but it also has organic matter added to it, as a matter of fact you can see it has a piece of bark right there. So the manure is probably mulched with some kind of bark mulch and allowed to decompose in a composting bin. The things that you'll put in your composting bin should you decide to do your own compost is anything that came out of your yard. Grass clippings, trimmings from your shrubbery, even I've seen people compost newspapers and things like that. Although, you don't want to use the slick photographic type papers, they'll compost. People that are really good at composting, they'll usually build a bin to hold all these things to keep them from getting out and getting loose in the yard so they can decompose in a pile.