Watering Your Perennial Garden

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Hi I'm Scott Reil on behalf of expertvillage.com I would like to talk to you about perennial gardening's. Watering the perennial gardening is really pretty easy if you got the right plants in the right place. Out here on the sunny boarder most of these guys can tolerate a pretty dry situation. I don't need to sublimate the water that mother nature provides to often, what I do I usually just come out and do something basic and turning on the garden hose. But remember if that garden hose has been laying out on the sun all afternoon like this one has, it's a good idea to test it with your hand first. In this case it's warm but not to bad as long as I keep a bright early spray on it, it won't be to bad of a problem. But you can really boil your plants if this thing has been out all day in a 100 degree day, watering in this time of day is a great idea. The water isn't evaporating off of the garden so fast it's cooling the plants down when there still pretty hot but it's going to give the water enough time to evaporate back off the plants before night fall. A lot of fungus tend to spore around night fall and they look for wet surfaces for there spores to stick to. So if you leave your plants overnight your just asking for fungal problems doing it this way gives me a pretty good idea it really lets me look and see individually who needs more water, who needs less water. But it's just surface watering another great to water put soaker hose in your garden, turn them on and leave them on for a while. Soaker hose leaves very free evaporation cause you bury them down underneath your mulch, so it keeps your garden watered in a gently soaking way and that's the really best way of doing it. The other thing to remember about watering your garden is to water in frequently but water deeply I'm going to spend about a half hour out here at least with the hose making sure this water soaks down into the ground in a good long way. Repeated shallow waterings leave the roots of the plants up near the surface looking for that quick shot in the arm constantly and it can develop to weak rooting and problems with your plants later on. And again as always if your just looking to water a couple of plants that look like they might be a little wealthy nothing beats a good ole' fashion watering can. It really lets you go after the plants that you know specifically need attention, let's you soak them on an individual bases and hey be an individual bases with your plants lets you get to know them really well, so you can spot the problem when they crop up quickly and easily. So remember watering is the most important thing you can do for your perennial gardening so do it frequently do it deeply and don't forget to do it.