Design Your Garden With Color

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I'd like to talk to you about perennial gardening. Working with color in the garden is imperative when you're talking about perennial gardening. Perennial gardens are, by their nature, mostly about flower power and flowers are mostly about color. So what are some different ways to work with color in the garden? You can see here in this garden I've chosen to work with soft colors. Mostly pastel type colors from the soft pastel blue on the napata here to the soft pink on the Therese Bugnet rose. Soft colors are working for me out here. A lot of times people will want to mix lots of different colors in the garden and generally I think that's a mistake. I call it spilling the paint box by design. It never really works out. Your eye never really knows where to focus, it doesn't travel easily or well down the border. But if you continually repeat the same plants and the same colors throughout it creates a nice easy flow for the eye, one that works well. Now you can use hot colors in the garden and that's an exciting way to do the design and to build your perennial garden too, but it takes a really skilled eye and a skilled hand. You want to stay with the reds, the yellows and the oranges, using whites and maybe to occasional blue to cool things down a little bit. But, remembering where you are on the color wheel and matching and mixing your colors appropriately is gonna work for you in all types of gardening but especially in perennial gardening.