Soaking Plants: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Learn how to reduce transplant shock & help plants adjust in a home or backyard vegetable garden in this free organic gardening video. Get beginner gardening tips & ideas. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Well we got to the point that we have to soak the plant. We just pulled them out of their home; they are going into shock already. And what we are going to do we are going to place it here in this bucket that is half way full of water. We are going to let it soak for about 20 minutes at least. What is going to happen it is just a shock for the plant, also the root they are going to soak all that water that it needs. One thing that I notice was I purchase this pepper plant and it had a degradable liner around it for some reason. It must be the temperature here, in the west coast it didn’t dissolve, and of course it was prevented the growth of the pepper plant. So what I'm going to do is completely remove it just pull it apart, be careful with the roots we don’t want to damage the roots, and look at that poor plant: it was beneath moisture. What we are going to do now I'm going to transplant this right here it is going to be his temporary home. Look at those roots we are going to place here, we are going to soak it as well and we do the same for all of them. We got the liner here we just got to remove the liner, we got to remove the liner. If you purchase your vegetable plants in a container, what you need to do is just get a hold of the container, apply pressure all around it, just turn around, pull the plant slowly, there we go, go to the bottom of the plant. There we go. Slowly start pulling the roots just gently that is what we need to do. That is basically the steps that you do for soaking your plant. It is very important that you do this procedure, and these are the steps for soaking your plants and planting them in your vegetable garden.