What Makes Bermuda Grass Grow?

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Bermuda grass grows best in full, hot sun with frequent watering and fertilizer added two to three times a year. Cut Bermuda grass slightly shorter than other grasses with advice from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawns. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. What makes Bermuda grass grow? Well Bermuda grass loves the full open sunshine. It does not grow hardly at all in any kind of shade environment. So, first thing you need is a wide open sunny spot. Bermuda grass also loves the water. Doesn't need quite as much water as a St. Augustine, but it does require a lot of water. The second thing you need to remember on Bermuda grass, is that it needs to be cut a little shorter than a St. Augustine, or some of your other turf grasses. Bermuda grass would love it, if you were to cut it with a real mower, instead of a rotary. However a rotary will work just fine. Keeping it watered, having it in full sun, and oh yes, let's don't forget some fertilizer. Our part of the country, we can fertilize, April, June, and October. And we're in great shape with that. Sometimes we can even get away with skipping that June fertilizer. Bermuda grass sometimes does require a little more feeding, depending upon the environment which it's in. If it's in a poor soil, you might need to feed it just a little more often. And a good additional feed for that would be fishy mulch's. But remember, full sun, a really good watering program, and some fertilizer. Those are the key ingredients to making that Bermuda grass grow. Bermuda will go dormant sooner in the fall than some of the other grasses. The one really great thing about Bermuda grass is this. If during the growing season, it does not get any water, or enough water, it goes dormant. Then, when you come put water on it, it bounces back to life and looks really good. That's the one great thing it's got that the other grasses don't have. Other grasses, don't water them, they die. Bermuda grass just goes dormant. So again, a good watering program, full sun, and some fertilizer. Three good things that make Bermuda grass grow.