Germinating Seeds in Organic Gardens

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This is Steve for Expert Village, and today we're going to talk about seeds and the different techniques for germinating a seed for an organic garden. The most important thing is you want to make sure you get your seed from organic stock. Whether it be purchasing seeds that are already packaged that are certified organic. Or harvesting the seeds your self from recognized and reputable stores that sell organic foods. There are several ways to do it. The old way to do it, is people say to put them in a cup of water and wait for the seeds to crack, and put them in whatever soil or whatever medium you are going to grow them in. Another method you could do, is you could use the cocoa, the cocoa cord, and you could start your seeds in the cocoa coil. The benefit of this is, that you have the microrisa and the trachoderma that help the roots to grow, and keep off any of the bacteria that will affect your seed. Another medium that you could use when germinating seeds would be like a vermiculite, pearlite mix. You just mix it fifty-fifty, put it in your seed starter trays, put your seeds in there and put a humidity dome over there. Then once they germinate or pop out, then you can go on and take your dome off. Another, new method that they have are these organic plugs that are made from tree bark with a microrisal innoculant. They go by many names, super grow plug, rapid rooters, sponge plug. These both work really good, you can use them both hydroponics or regular soil. In order to germinate your seeds, if you're not doing it in a napkin method, and you want to have a little bit more success. You can get different germination stations and hot houses. Which are the trays with the inserts and the heat mats and the humidity dome that help make sure you are more successful and and even germination of seeds. Once they are germinated, then again, you can take them out and transplant them as you need to.