Where to Order Plants Through the Mail

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Ordering plants through the mail can be done by doing searches for local suppliers or by going through national magazines. Discover more about where to find the right places to order plants through the mail by using Google and plant magazines with tips... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com and next we're going to talk about where to order plants through the mail. There's so many choices when you're ordering plants and it's very hard to make a decision on where to order plants or even to know where to go to order plants. So, the first thing that I like to do is to check out my local suppliers. Here we are in the Northwest and this is my friend Mary's magazine, called "Northwest Garden News" and it's Online, as well, northwestgardennews.com. It's a great little publication from Seattle and it lists a lot of Northwest gardens, and farmers, and nurseries, and mail order nurseries, and all kinds of articles, and she's got a web page as well. The first thing I like to do, when I try to figure out where to order plants, is go locally. Find some local newspapers and find out who's advertising and then you can go to their web page, and if you don't have the Internet you can always call them up and you can get all kinds of information that way. Here, they've even got a classified news section too. She's even got a map of where you can find different nurseries, in the Northwest, it helps to find out where you can get things locally. There's also a lot of National magazines that have lots of really valuable information in them, not to mention, lots of contacts on where to buy bulbs. Horticulture is great, it's got all kinds of advertisements and in the back, too, they have listings of their different advertisers. So it's a great way to find out where you can buy your plants. Garden design is also a good magazine and has lots of gardening ideas plus different ideas on where you can buy your plants. My favorite method of finding plants is on the Internet. I have a web page vanveenbulbs.com and I'm also listed on Davesgarden.com and I love Dave's Garden because you can actually read other peoples testimonials and experiences with different companies so you can pick which companies you'd like to deal with and find out, write on the Internet what they sale, and where they sale it and where they're coming from. So, all I do is Google Dave's Garden, just like it sounds, and I can go right to Dave's Garden website and it's just a wonderful web page. There's many others, as well, that have similar information but I've found that I get the most links through this web page for my web page, as well. All different types of companies are advertised here and I love it because you can go right to products and sources and it'll tell you exactly where you can buy different things. You can go to the garden watchdog and it's a free directory. You have six thousand four hundred and ninety one mail order gardening companies so I love that about this web page. You can search by the product or you can go by company name, if you search vaveen you'll find Vanveen Bulbs International and it'll get you right to the website. So, this is our website, vanveenbulbs.com, you can go right to shop and view flower bulbs and we've got, either by the flower or even by the category, so if you're looking for deer resistant bulbs, that's what I love, because you have sun, you have shade, you might have deer, there's all kinds of web pages that have different information that can really help you. So, it's a really great way to search. Another way that I go is if there's a certain plant that I really love then I will just Google that plant or I'll go right to, if you go right to flower bulbs, you will find a lot of listings of different companies. I just go down and kind of search through each web page and I was very excited to find out that we're number fourteen, for such a small company, we're above a lot of the other big companies. So, there's all kinds of web pages and different ways that you can find out how to find mail ordering gardening companies. You can order Online or, a lot of companies still distribute catalogs, and either way, it's a great way for you to find out the best suppliers that you can buy from.