How to Rid Your Grass of Dog Urine Spots

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To get rid of dog urine spots in grass, use a soil activator to reduce toxins from the urine, rake the area, and cover the spots with compost. Water in the compost, and add top soil to get rid of dog urine in a yard using advice from a professional... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to rid your grass of dog urine spots. Well, the acidity from the urine is definitely going to put some little brown circles in your yard wherever the dog decides to go. Probably not once, but the spots will appear in areas where they go more than just once. And the best way to remove those would be to use this product called Medina Soil Activator. What Medina does... it helps to reduce all toxins that are in the soil, and clean it out, flush out all the bad things that are there. It's a really good product for cleaning the soil so to speak. So I would do that first with the Medina spray. One spray, maybe two sprays or so to make sure that you get the area really clean. Probably won't work the first time depending on how built up the urine is in the soil. After that I would come through with a rake and rake the area out with a regular leaf rake. Coming back to then apply some nice compost. In this case, this is a revitalizer brand, a very good compost for lots of different applications. After the compost is worked into the soil, I would come back with a little bit of top soil from either another spot in your yard or from some place, from some nursery, not a bagged top soil, but a real top soil that's good stuff. Bring it over and spread a little bit of that across the top and water that in as well. Depending on the type of grass you got and its growth patterns, this should help to cover that area with new grass growing across. And that's the best way to remove urine spots... dog urine spots from your lawn.