Understand the Needs of Unusual House Plants

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we are learning all about house plants, and in this segment we'll talk about unusual plants that you can use as house plants. This is an herb, Rosemary, and most of the time it is found outside in your herb garden. But there's no reason it won't make a great house plant. So, I've just brought mine inside and added a few plastic roses just to add a little excitement to it and a little ting-ting so that it can have a little pizazz. I just leave it on my windowsill here in the kitchen, and as I'm cooking here and there, we can always add a little rosemary to the dish. This one right here is called a lucky bamboo, although it's really not a bamboo at all; it's really a dracaena and it's so easy to grow. It's just in a vase and rocks with water. So, as long as the root is covered and the greenery is coming out of the vase, it's easy to take care of. I only add water to it maybe once a month because now the roots are to the bottom of it. Even when it gets dried out, it's still surviving. Another thing about the lucky bamboo is that I set it out in the sun and it totally got burnt and died back. So, I cut the greenery off, the brown part, and it came back. So, it's one of those house plants that does very well with very little care. I also love using cactus as house plants. They are really easy to take care of and don't need any water at all. Some of these I only water maybe once or twice a month, if that, and only a little bit. And, they are in the kitchen, so they get a lot of humidity and moisture out of the air. So, I just...once a month or twice a month, I just add a little bit of water to them. Outside of that, I don't do anything to them and they've survived for years and years and years. They make a great addition to my house. So, watch our next segment on how to keep house plants healthy.