Less Weeding: Square Foot Garden Benefits

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Learn why square foot gardens require less weeding with expert gardening tips in this free video clip on growing grid gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we have been talking about square foot gardening; starting your own raised beds that is only four foot by four foot wide with one foot by one foot squares within that bed. The reason that there's a lot less weeding is that there's no room for the weeds to grow. Pretty much every square inch of your bed is taken. When you are using compost on top of your beds, generally, the compost doesn't have all of the weed seeds in it. So, you are not going to have weeds coming up where as if you try to work directly in the soil in your yard, you have thousands of weeds and it gets totally out of control. In a four by four area, you can plant sixteen boxes; that means sixteen separate plants. And it makes it easy because there is very little room for weeds to come up in between those plants. And if they do, here and there, it's so simple just to pull them back out. In the next segment we will talk about why it's so important to use the square foot gardening method because it's not bad for the environment; it uses no pesticides, fertilizers or anything synthetic.