How to Select Flowers for Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolande VanDeen on behalf of Expert Village. We're talking about flower gardening and how to start your flower garden. So in this segment, we're going to talk about deciding our purpose. Do you want flowers that you can view all summer long or do you want to cut the flowers. Do you want to bring them in the house? Do you want long-lasting flowers? Do you want to have lots of color, or do you want to go with just one color? So just take a minute and sit down, and sometimes just looking through magazines of watching TV for a little bit will kind of ... you'll come up with those ideas. But my theory is, gardening is like throwing a party, and I like summer bashes the best. So I just go shopping and pick out the plants, and talk to experts, go to the farmers market, go to the garden center, decide if you have sun or shade, and then figure out what your purpose really is. Is it just to enjoy plants, or do you really want to know all about them? It's up to you. It's like throwing a party. Are you going to invite a thousand people over, or are you going to invite ten people over. By deciding on these few factors, it makes the gardening really easy. It takes all the stress out of it, too. Because everyone wants to be perfect. But gardening is about change. It's not about everything being the same way every day of the year. Because plants grow, they bloom, they die. Just like people who come to your party. One year they come and they'll be the most incredible guests. You'll love their company. And then the next year they don't show up, and you have no way to track them down. And that makes you sad. But you know there are always other plants and other people you can invite over. So in the next segments we are going to talk about deciding on the colors of your garden. Do you want it to match the house? Do you want it mixed colors? Do you want to go with a red-hot garden or a moon garden? We'll discuss that next.