Where to Buy or Rent Lawn & Garden Tools

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing expertvillage.com. Where do we purchase or rent our equipment? I would start off at the home improvement centers. They are going to have a great selection there; anything ranging from electrical to gas products. Today we happen to use an electric lawnmower. Now you can buy them with gas as well. You know prices range between $200 and $500 for your lawnmower. Now a days they even have those ones that are riding lawnmowers. If you have a big yard, go for it. If you can buy it, enjoy it. You will be driving in your yard. Now electric trimmer, that is what we are using today for this particular project. They even have them with gas. It just depends what you want. Also, do you want to purchase or just rent? Are you going to continue doing yard work. If so, it is best if you invest. For clippers, I just have the old traditional ones. I just want to build a little bit of muscle or you can buy the electrical one as well. So figure out what you need, purchase it and go on with the project. The options are out there. It just depends on what you want to do; whether you want to own or rent. Now decorative as well. You don't find what you want there or you want to be on a budget. Go to a garage sale. Also, a mama and papa little store might be a little more reasonable. Look for sales. It's up to you. What exactly do you want to do. The limits are out there for you. Even the Internet now a days and you know what, you can also borrow the equipment from your neighbors. Just be sure to return them because we don't want to be upset with you. After all, you want them to ask you for tips for how to maintain your yard. Just be creative and enjoy your gardening. This is where we purchase or rent our equipment