Annual Flower Planting Techniques

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Space out each plant before planting annual flowers. Learn planting techniques with tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So the next thing that we want to do in our garden when we are ready to plant is we want to lay our plants out with their proper spacing. These snap dragons happen to look best when they are planted about eight to ten inches apart so before I plant them I'm just going to set them in the ground so I can decide where they are going to go. So even though these are falling over I will still be able to figure out where I want them to be when I plant them. This way I ensure as I go that I will have the proper spacing so when you are ready to plant the first plant of course you want to gently remove it from the pot. I like to gently tease the roots apart and I do this just by taking the root ball and squeezing it gently between my thumbs. As you can see I haven't really broken up the root ball I've just sort of gently loosened up those roots a little bit. The next thing I want to do is take my trowel and dig a hole that is about the same size as the plant. When I plant this I want to make sure that the top of the root ball is at the same level as the surrounding soil.