Sequence of Blooms In Your Garden

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I like to talk to perennial garden. Part of the mistakes of perennial gardening is in fact that they don't all come in a bloom at the same time. How am I going to get a perennial garden same color all the way through? Well a good way to this is to go to your garden center at different times of the year and look for plants that are flower at different time of the year. You can see looking at this garden here centrally everything is not in bloom yet but we got things coming close the napes are here in bloom, it is just starting to come in color just like the irises are starting to fade out. The German irises though would be followed up shortly by the Japanese irises and they are going to start blooming that say from a month from now. This Victoria Luise poppy which is a nice soft pink is going to come out shortly as well. The clematis as you can see it is going passed flower but what you can't see that there is another type of clematis growing up there that is going to be growing to becoming into flower later in the season. So the idea here is if you go and you shop for your entire garden at the garden center one time a year say early spring that is the only time of year you are going to have color in your garden. But if you don't shop in your garden center in several point over the growing center thinking about color specifically for the season soon you would begin to develop a border in showing color all season long.