How to Use Manure & Pete Moss in Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda VanVeen, on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we are talking about flower gardening and using manure and peat moss. I personally do not like to use manure in my garden. I find that if it's aged, I know when it sits our for a year or six months and it's aged, it doesn't have a smell and it's dry, and it's great for my garden. But I still have a problem with it. I have children and I let my children play in the yard. There are so many things we don't understand about out bodily fluids, and how you can I guess even, the mad cow disease, you can't even burn it away. So I don't want anything near my garden that could potentially be a hazard in the future. Even if it dried out. It is something natural... I understand that. But I still don't think it belongs in the garden. Now my issue with peat moss: Peat most is not something that's renewable. It's a natural resource. It grows wild in northern Canada and then in northern Europe. It grows in the moors and the water lands. And it is actually taken out to use as peat moss. And once they've taken it out, it takes years and years and years and years for it to be replaced again. And sometimes, it will never be replaced. We have so many natural options around us. So why would we have to go to Antarctica or the Arctic to get all these natural resources in our garden, when we have compost right here. So we've decided that compost is really all we need in our garden. Next we'll decide what size is my garden going to be.