How Do Plants Get Food & Water?

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How Do Plants Get Food & Water? - Provided by eHow
Plants get food and water by absorbing minerals through their roots and turning chlorophyll energy from the sun into sugar. Find out why plants need the sun to help process energy with insight from a sustainable gardener in this free video on plants and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from, and in this segment, we're going to learn all about how plants get food and water. So, plants are not that different from humans. They need food and they need water just like we do. They need to be in the sun, and they need a place to grow, and there's very simple process. So humans; we eat food, and it goes right into our system and we use it directly. So, plants use food indirectly. So, whether they're getting the, they get all their minerals from the soil. So, whether it's compost, or potting soil, or dead vegetation mulch they need to have some kind of nutrition from their soil, and that's where they get almost all of their food as far as minerals and lots of energy. But they also create their own sugar through a process linked to photosynthesis so it's quite amazing. So, we get our energy straight from food. Well, when the sun beats down on a plant the leaf takes in that energy as chlorophyll. That chlorophyll turns into sugar, so it produces energy, just like carbs do for us, to grow more growth and to live. So, plants really need to have sunlight, and they need to have good soil, and they need water, so basic necessities just like we do, and it's not that complicated. As long as a plant gets chlorophyll it'll be green, so as soon as there's no chlorophyll in the leaf it'll turn brown. So, as soon as the leaves turn brown they're not getting any sugar to the plant, and it's not worth even; they don't need the leaves so you can always cut em' right out. So, I found it fascinating. Same with trees when they fall down in the fall. They lose their chlorophyll. As they lose the chlorophyll they lose the green color, and then you get all the other colors of the spectrum, and it's really beautiful. And plants are not that different than we are. They just need food and water, and if you give em' good compost or potting soil, and you give em' enough sunlight they really don't need any artificial additives.