How to Use Pulsating Field Sprinklers on Your Lawn or Garden

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Pulsating field sprinklers can give your lawn or garden a routine washing. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Alright another method of watering outside over a broad area is overhead pulser sprinklers. Pulsating sprinklers. They would shoot a radius of 80 feet it takes a long time to deliver any amount of water to any given area but it covers a broad area. During a dry spout that we have been having here I would leave these running all day long and by the end of that day there is a good quality of water in the soil, it keeps things alive. These I picked up at the local hardware store they are nothing fancy. It is ran off a hose just like you would have at your house it is set up on a post to get them off the ground a little. They do a nice job, nothing say agriculture like a pulsating sprinkler.