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Before planting flower bulbs in containers, consider where you are going to put the container. Learn where to place a flower container in this free gardening video about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. And in this series we're learning all about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant bulbs in our soil in the containers. So the first thing we need to consider is what type of bulb are we planting, and where are we going to plant it. Is it a hanging basket, or does it do better in the ground? Does it do better in a container in the sun, or does it like to be under a tree in the shade? So it's really easy to find out, you just have to go on your computer and look up the name of the plant and half the time planting instructions will come up, and most of the time you will find out that bulbs will grow pretty much in any conditions. As long as they're warm, and they have some water. So when considering what types of bulbs and where I'm planting them, for example I've got these hanging Begonia bulbs, so they wouldn't do so well in the ground, because they're just kind of going to grow and string out and they're not going to look that great. And smaller containers are not going to look good, because they have no way to cascade. But yet in a hanging basket they do beautifully. And Begonias only need to be planted about an inch deep, they don't need to be planted very deep at all. I would probably pack this container with at least twelve bulbs, because I found that bulbs really like big parties. They like to have a big group of plants around them. And if I were planting bulbs in a larger container, I would first have the, have water bottles, and then some mulch, some sticks just to give it some air. Then I'm going to do a layer of soil, and then I'm going to put some larger bulbs about mid-way through. So this is a larger Canna Lily, so you put that in with his. And then this is actually an Ismene, which it gets much bigger as well. So I'm going to put some of those around there, and then I would put the smaller bulbs probably to the outside. And then this Toad Lily is going to make a big type of orchid flower in the fall, so I'm going to put that just to one side. And this is going to be all beautiful together. And then once I've got all of my bulbs planted in the pot, I kind of even them all out, and they're all going to bloom a little bit at a different time, and I like that. I like to have the succession of color. So once I've got all my bulbs in my container, I will just cover them up. And personally I like to have a little bit of a gap between the top of the pot and the dirt, because I get carried away sometimes and I'll plant to the top. But when you water the dirt comes over the top a lot, so I found it's easier to put a little bit of a gap. And over the years too the dirt will kind of settle, so an easy trick to get away with not dealing with it, you can always put a little bit of dirt on top. But eventually the bulbs will get crowded, so you want to bring them inside, or divide them back out, or put different bulbs in them. Next we'll talk about lasagna layering with your flower bulbs.