Preparing Soil to Grow House Plants from Tip Cuttings

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Learn how to prepare soil for growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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Alright, next we're gonna talk about the rooting environment. How do we get these little plants to root? What do they need? First of all, they need like a warm temperature, probably about 70-75 degrees. You don't want to do it like when the house is 90 degrees or they're just not gonna do that well. So, when it's around 70 is good. Sometimes at garden centers they sale heating mats, because if you have bottom heat it really will excelerate the rooting process and then the green house unspoil I have all these heating benches all these little tubes have hot water in them and I can turn the matches on or off. And it really makes things grow a lot faster. If I don't have heat on then things do grow a lot slower. Second of all, they need good air circulation. In here we have a lot of fans going on all the time to move the air. This prevents just fungus and just things from rotting. They have good circulation or your really gonna have less problems. So you need, the plants need air, so give them the room they need and don't crowd them together. Next, we're gonna talk about soil moister. We're gonna keep, you know a little wet, but not too wet I don't want to be sopping and I don't want them to dry out and pull away from the sides either. So, you're just gonna have to keep them evenly moist if that's possible. Usually early on I keep them a little dry and they'll start sending out roots searching for water. If I kept them wet, wet, wet, they might not, they'd be comfortable and they'd be happy and they're lazy. So, keep them a little bit dry and they'll send out a nice root system like this.