Watering Organic Compost

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Adding inoculants to water can help add healthy nutrients to your organic compost pile. Learn some tips for watering your compost pile from a professional gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now were going to talk about watering your compost pile. Now here I have a nice barrel of water. And its spring water I think I will wash my hands while I am at it. From all that compost its a little stinky. Now what were going to is I have put compost inoculants in this water which is going to it has micro organisms in the inoculants it has nutrients in there to feed the micro organisms so they have something to feed on while there getting established in the compost pile. So what were going to here is were going to take this old weed here and were going to do a little stirring. So were going to stir this barrel up. You can see the water is nice and clear right now when I get finished it will be all cloudy. Now we stir it get a nice vortex going on. Sucking in the energy of the universe as it vortexes down and then were going to take the watering can and fill this up with some of this nutrient rich compost starter and if you don't have compost starter, now were going to water the pile but if you don't have compost starter and you need compost starter. Well you can contact me at Chi of Me at yahoo jb@yahoo.com and I will fix you up with some compost starter and we will give you that e mail address again later on. But its important that you water this compost pile and get it nice and wet. Not to wet it should be wet like a sponge. Not dripping which takes quite a bit if water and you will want to come and water this compost pile if it isn't raining. Periodically to keep it wet. This pile need watering just like a plant needs watering. The micro organisms in here if it dries out will die and leave the area. This pile will invite a lot of worms and all the little bugs that feed on the micro organisms create a very juicy wonderful amendment to put in your garden to help feed your plants because I mean thats what it all about is making this compost to feed your plants.