Tips for Managing Your Garden's Size

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Hi, this is Yolanda VanDeen on behalf of Expert Village. So how big do I really want my garden to be? That's the question. It's like throwing a party again... how big do you want your party to be? Do want to have a real small formal affair and just invite 10 people over? Or do you want to have a big summer bash and invite 100 people over? That's the kind of the way you decide on your garden, too. Do you want to have a big party, or do you want to have just a small get-together? It's up to you, because remember, it is your garden party. Anything you decide goes! So, either if you have a small area and don't have a lot of room to garden... if you have a small area, maybe even one foot by one foot, you have enough area to garden. When selecting plants, pick small little plants, like a perfect a succulent garden or a cactus garden. Or have just a lot of little flower bulbs in there, crocus and daffodils, or maybe going into a few lilies in the summer and a few calla lilies. You don't need a lot of area to garden. Or if you have an anchor, you can plan ahead and just set different gardens all through your garden: moon garden, red garden, tropical garden. That way you can have anything you want in your yard. I think the key is starting out small and not getting overwhelmed, and taking it a step at a time. It's like throwing a party. A little bit of planning goes a long way. In the next segment, we'll talk about the easiest gardens to maintain.