Picking a Flower Bulb Container

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Plastic, terracotta, metal, and ceramic are just a few flower bulb container options. Learn about picking a container in this free gardening video about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. In this series we're learning all about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. And when planting bulbs in containers your first consideration should be, well what kind of container should I use. Well basically any container that can hold dirt, you can use, whether it's just a margarine container, or a really nice container that you've gotten at a garden center. It doesn't really matter as long as you've got soil and some bulbs, you can have growth and you'll have a beautiful container garden. So let's examine some of my favorites. I really like plastic containers because they're inexpensive, they're not very heavy, and you can find them pretty much anywhere at any local garden center, or shopping center. And they're usually not very expensive and that makes it very easy to grow lots of plants in them. And you can change them out, they come in all different colors to match your house, or your patio, or your furniture. So they're really easy to use. There's other type of plastic containers too, they come in all different shapes and sizes. And some of them will have a bottom connected, some won't. But the important part to remember when selecting containers, is that you always have some kind of a drainage. And if you don't have drainage within the pot, you can always add some sand or rocks or even plastic underneath your containers inside, for a little bit of a break. So the plants aren't just sitting right in water. Now these come in concrete, or you can get them terra cotta, containers come in shapes and sizes. But I like the ones with the different, on the different podiums just because it adds a little bit of a effect that makes the flowers seem more of a focal point in your garden. And it's just a beautiful way to display your bulbs. Everyone deserves a lot of really nice containers in your garden. So save up your money, because they're a little more expensive. But there so many beautiful ceramic and different kinds of metals, and all different types of containers that are handmade or they're factory made. But they're just gorgeous, and they come in different colors, and it's really pretty that you can match your furniture, or you can match it with the cement or the rocks, nice river rocks with the nice pot is also very beautiful. So when selecting your container, whether it's large or small, consider how much space you have. If you only have a small space only use small containers. And if you have a large space then use some larger containers. Watch our next segment as we talk about how to select bulbs for your containers.