Picking Dirt for Organic Compost

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Dirt is another important ingredient to use when creating your own organic compost pile. Learn what dirt to use when creating your own compost pile from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, the next ingredient we need for this composting pile is dirt. And, what I've done here is, I'm using my flat shovel, because all I want to do is get the very surface of the dirt in my garden. I'll get the weeds. And, at the same time I'm scraping that surface, I'm getting a lot of the weed seeds that were in there, and which will be pretty much destroyed in the compost pile. So, we scoop this dirt up, and we fill the wheelbarrow up. And this dirt here has all the microorganisms in it that are thriving. They've already established themselves in here. There's worms and all kinds of little bugs and critters in here that's going to help enhance the compost pile and enrich it and make it very, very good, to balance out the compost that's going to be used in the garden at--when it's finished, of course.