Growing Herbs With Flowers

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Growing herbs with flowers attracts beneficial insects and birds that feed off harmful garden pests. Grow herbs with flowers with tips from a gardener and nursery owner in this free video on flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jessica Smith with Blands Nursery in West Jordan, Utah and today we're talking about planting herbs with flowers. Herbs and flowers are actually very beneficial to your yard especially in the vegetable garden. They can be planted anywhere. They don't need their own little area unless you want to have like a small little herb garden but the benefits of herbs are astronomical. Herbs actually will invite the good bugs and birds that feed off of the bad pests in your yard and actually will repel a lot of the bad bugs in your yard. Basil right here, this is an awesome one to use to repel mosquitoes, mites, aphids. It has been said that it is actually used as a fungicide itself to repeal some fungal problems and actually will slow the growth of milkweed bugs. The chives itself right here also deter aphids, planted around your roses and raspberries it will also help deter Japanese beetle. Dead nettle right here will repel potato bugs for you in your garden or anywhere in your yard. It does like a shadier location. The petunias planted around your beans are beneficial to them. Wormwood or artemisia around your garden area will actually keep animals at bay. The workhorse around, plant this everywhere in your hard. Marigolds repel many different insects. For planting herbs and flowers I recommend mixing both together and planting them everywhere especially in that vegetable garden.