Transplanting Plants for Landscaping

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Transplanting plants properly is crucial to their survival, get expert yard and landscape design tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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I’ve put in a new bed and it needs some color, some flowers. This daylily is a good bloomer, it’s a great accent piece, and so I’m going to take this baby that it has made, that is now matured, and transplant it into the other bed. To do that, I want to make sure that I’m getting between the roots where they’re separate from the mother plant. If it’s still connected some, I’m going to cut through it. I want to cut straight down so any cuts in the root are deep and not close to the plant. Then I’m going to come back on the other side and often times you have to do this on all four sides but this dirt is very good. I will probably only have to do it on two sides. Now I’ll take the shovel and I’ll go down and get the rest of the roots, and there we go. So now, here we are at the new bed. I dug a hole with this hand tool, and I’ve added sandy loam and compost mixed together. And I’ve added it into the soil I’m going to put back in the hole, and into the bottom of the hole. Now I noticed that the plant I dug up actually is two plants. But, I don’t want to risk disturbing that so I’m just going to leave it as one. If I needed another plant, I could even separate it more. I think I’ll leave that as one. I’ve mixed this dirt up already, like so, and then I will just cover it with this really nice rich black gold. And then I press it down, just lightly press it. Then I will water it right away, and that’s it. That’s how you do the planting.