Planting Seeds for Growing Tomato Seedlings

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How to plant seeds for growing tomato seedlings; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own fruits and vegetables in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Back to our segments about tomatoes, we are growing them in a greenhouse situation or for transplant, we've got several different ways that tomato seeds can be planted. They are small, kind of flat and hard to get a hold of. When you get my age, things get where they don't work like they used to, you might consider using some type of planter. This is a little tiny or small seed planter that you load with seeds and it will help you dispense one or two seeds at a time in order to reduce the thinning, maybe eliminate the thinning that you will have to do because your plant is being too thick in your flats or your growing medium. It is tempting to let the plants grow just because they look good and there is a whole bunch of them growing and you are so proud they came up but it is sometimes the worst thing you can do to have your planting especially transplants so thick that they are competing for moisture and their roots become intertangled so much that they can't be separated and you end up tearing up those root system when you transplant them out into the garden. The root system needs to be intact and as much as possible undisturbed when you put them in the ground.