Choosing Which Herbs to Plant in Your Herb Garden

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing And you know what? I'm going to guide you on how to select your herbs that you need for your herb garden. Ask yourself this question: what kinds of food do I prepare, what kinds of meals do your friends enjoy? I myself, I'm always having parties so I enjoy oregano. Oregano goes very well on hot sauce and of course it is delicious when you prepare that spaghetti. What I need is some oregano. Man, oregano is great for salsas and of course when you eat—spaghetti lover—this is a must to have in herb garden. Now when comes to tarragon, man this is fantastic for chicken. I mean you could just go crazy for it. Also use it for when you do that little mixing for the stuffing for the chicken... it is fantastic for that to. Now thyme, oh my god I personally enjoy soups. This is fantastic for soups; it just gives it that special flavor, and also they're are good for creating your own sauce. Another wonderful herb is going to be our wonderful basil. This basil... slices of tomato, sprinkle it a little bit with a little bit of lemon and it is great. Now marjoram is great for chicken or fish, and you know what? Cooking all the time... I burn my self well don't worry; add some aloe to your herb garden. It is your little doctor to have at home. Also if you have kids and a cut, it is good for cuts as well. So this would be fantastic for your herb garden. So come on, let's get our herbs and get started with our herb garden today.