Using a Lawn Spreader

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We've got the Earthway seeder and we're going to demonstrate possibly the application rate. Hopefully the camera will be able to see it come out and we might be able to get an idea of how wide of a swoth it actually spreads. Now I've got it set on the high setting so that we might be able to see it and get an idea of how far it, how far it will sling. Well with the wind blowing, it looks like it's spreading probably about four or five feet. And going back into it, yeah, it looks like about four or five feet. So it actually does a pretty good job but you have to have pretty fine material. We tried a while ago with a material that wasn't as fine as this one and we couldn't get a spread. This is actually a soil acidifier, and it has a lot of little, tiny particles in it and allowed it to go through the gate. It's got a fairly small gate like I said a while ago so the application rates won't go up very high. But for light rates of small seeds and things like that, this is ideal. Especially if you're covering small areas.