How to Take Care of your Flower Garden

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Man this is a beautiful day and we are getting closer and closer to our project. We got to take care of our plants. We are going to start with this particular flower bed right here. What you need is a pair of scissors, our old traditional Ivory soap chemical and just get an empty container. It is easier for you to clean as you go and of course, drink plenty of fluids. As you can see right now, the sun is a little bit more shaded area which is perfect. We are going to tackle this flower bed. Get yourself a pair of regular scissors or you can buy for the gardener whatever you prefer. Like for this snap dragon all you need to do is pinch the flower on the side, remove it. Now if you get to one that is completely dead, just go ahead and trim it. Cut it down on the side. This one over here not doing too well so what I am going to do is remove it completely and they are going to have to go to the ground. They haven't done well here in the pot. I have some vincas here that I am going to plant as well that are from my last project. You see any plants that are dead, remove them completely. You see that on the bottom that it is a little it green, trim it all the way from about 1 inch from the ground and hopefully it will grow back. This particular one over here we just trimmed the edges and what are we going to do? We are going to get our spray bottle and spray it all over. Remember we want it to be healthy and by spraying it with Ivory soap, it is going to control any germs that get in there and destroy the plant. Got to keep them happy and blooming year round and this is how we take care of our plants.