Compost Kitchen Garbage

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Add kitchen garbage to compost heaps or compost bins, going through the refrigerator and learn what's biodegradable and good to compost in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we've learned all about how to start a compost heap. One of the main ingredients in my compost heap are my kitchen garbage or whenever I clean out my refrigerator. I want to save anything that can break down and is biodegradable and put it in my compost heap. So, let's look in my refrigerator and see what we can use. So first off, I have some extra roast and some extra hamburger meat. This is meat, so anything that is an animal byproduct does not belong in my garden or in my compost heap. So, unfortunately, it's kind of wasteful, but it goes in the garbage. Here I have some extra ramen noodle soup and generally, I'd say that's okay to compost because it's wheat. But because it has so many additives and preservatives in it, I'm going to decide to throw it away. Here I have some lettuce that I've used the most of it; this is just the end of it. But, it doesn't look like it's going to be good anymore. So, I just throw it, so this is fine for my compost heap. I'm going to separate all the plastic, rubber bands or anything that is not organic from the lettuce. I've got some pears that are kind of past it. I get so much fruit and vegetables at the farmers market and if I'm not using it all, I either give it to my neighbors or unfortunately, I don't eat it all so I'm going to have to compost it. I think the deer will appreciate it. I've got some oranges that I didn't eat, so I'm going to compost them as well. Here' some left over beans, and carrots and peas. You don't want to have any plastic, but that can work. So I'm going to compost it. I've got a carrot that's all bendy and no good. If it's firm, I can still eat it, but obviously, this carrot has had it. So I'm going to add that to my compost heap. Please watch our second segment on kitchen garbage (part two) and how to turn it into compost.