Building Raised Garden Beds

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Building raised garden beds can be dong using cement blocks of any shape or size, which provides good drainage for plants and vegetables. Raise a garden above ground level to prevent the plants from sitting in water with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to build raised beds. Now there are so many different types of materials you can use for raised beds but my favorite are these cement blocks and they come in so many shapes and sizes and you can build them up as high as you want or as low a you want and you can add them to the back and if you live on a little bit of a hill you can tier them up that way but raised beds are really the way to go because all the plants do so well and you can water them. They have got good drainage. They are not sitting in muck and you can use wood or you can use stone or you can use any type of cement blocks but I truly believe the cement blocks are the best. Even if you have a very small area or you don't have a real flat piece of property raised beds are the way to go because you can grow your vegetables, your flowers, your shrubs, your bulbs any type of plants in them and it is nice to have a combination and that way you can have colors, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in your flower bed and you can enjoy them for so many years and the great part about the cement blocks is you just stack them one on top of each other and you can just build them high or you can build them low. You don't have to use cement. You don't have to use anything else but the block and good compost for the soil and you can have a great raised bed.